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Car Elevator
Car Elevator
Outstanding Features

Car  elevator is a type of cargo elevator, so the design has specific requirements. The size and load of this type of car lift must be suitable for groups of 4, 7 or more cars, often used for apartments, car parking areas, etc. This type of elevator is specialized for lifting cars. , fast and accurate safety level. The driver only needs to control the car to enter the elevator and at the same time control the elevator.

Where are car lifts usually used?

Taking the car from one floor of the building to the basement is where the car is parked. The construction of the road running down the basement is expensive and takes up a lot of space. Using  a car lift  will save a lot of money.

Bringing cars to high floors are usually car showrooms.

Specifications of car lifts

  • Applicable standards: TCVN and CE (European standard)
  • Process of production, installation and operation: ISO 9001: 2015 standard
  • Load capacity from : 2,000kg to 5,000kg
  • Speed ​​up to : 30m/p (0.5m/s)
  • Number of service floors: on request
  • High frequency of service operation
  • High stability and safety
  • Suitable for car showrooms, car factories, car parks...

Safety system in car lifts

  • Speed ​​limiter.
  • Mechanical brake system.
  • Overload protection.
  • Protection against loss and reverse phase, voltage drop, overcurrent.
  • Emergency button and contact with the outside.
  • Emergency lights.
  • Door safety lock.
  • The intercom system helps to communicate between the inside of the elevator room and the outside duty room.

Car turntable – a solution to help cars turn around quickly on the spot

Car turntable (car turntable) is the solution to optimize the use space. Because, without the need for a vehicle path, it is designed to be durable for outdoor operation without a roof. The operation frequency of the turntable elevator is high, suitable for use in car parks, apartments or families.

How does a car turntable work?

The turntable elevator also has a transmission design. Depending on the design of the building architecture, this elevator system has the following transmission types for customers to choose from:

– The traditional transmission type has a gearbox located above the elevator pit. This type requires a machine room above the pit.

– Gearless and machine roomless engines.

– Hydraulic transmission type 1:1 transmission. 1:2 when the height of the pit is limited. Therefore, the elevator system has low speed and uses no less than 2-3 floors to ensure the safety of vehicles.

– Tractor transmission type placed below does not need a machine room at the top, the speed can be from 30-60m/min.


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