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Hospital Elevator



Hospital Elevator
Hospital Elevator
Outstanding Features

The type  of hospital elevator  (Hospital Lift) has a standard elevator room area to meet the carrying of stretchers and stretchers according to the hospital's use requirements. Usually use sliding door to one side (Slide Opening- SO).

Hospital elevator specifications

  • Applicable standards: TCVN and CE (European standard)
  • Process of production, installation and operation: ISO 9001: 2008 standard
  • Load capacity: 750kg – 1600kg (24 people)
  • Movement speed from 30m/min to 105m/min.
  • Journey: up to 100m (equivalent to 30 floors)
  • High frequency of service operation
  • High stability and safety
  • Suitable for many hospital projects

Hospital elevator design

The hospital  elevator is a type 3 ladder according to TCVN 6395: 2008, specialized for transporting hospital beds. Therefore, hospital elevators are designed according to some specific characteristics:

  • Large staircase size
  • Synthetic plastic floor
  • Indirect lighting system
  • Flat handrails

Outstanding features of hospital lifts

Safety of hospital elevator:

Hospital elevators are specially designed and built to ensure absolute safety during patient movement. Safety criteria must be put on top because it is directly related to human life. It is also a measure of a company's reputation and product quality.

Hospital ladders are often equipped with soft handrails to prevent shocks during transportation and prevent accidents.

Operation process of hospital elevator:

The hospital elevator operates without noise. In addition, we need to stop the floor accurately and not cause shock to affect the psychology of the patient.

Hospital elevators apply modern technology:

Hospital elevator uses advanced control technology pressurization, speed control by inverter. Stable electrical system is the first and most important criterion in the whole elevator.

In addition to the geared motor, the use of a gearless motor (synchronous permanent magnetic field), the control of the amplitude of the oscillation is completely digital. Therefore, ensuring that the elevator accelerates or decelerates smoothly, smoothly, and the elevator operates stably. Although it is more expensive, it is still a good choice for customers.

Quality guarantee:

As mentioned above, the hospital elevator of  the Bach Khoa elevator company  is a special type of elevator, specialized for use in hospitals. Therefore, hospital elevators have strict requirements on function, performance and product quality.

Hospital elevator accuracy and flexibility: Precise floor stop, error within ±10mm.

The control system is flexible, intelligent, processing information, calling floors quickly and logically. Ensure to best serve the travel needs of customers in a short time.


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