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Passenger Elevator
Passenger Elevator
Outstanding Features

Passenger elevators branded BKE are applied modern and advanced technical technology of the world, when put into operation, they ensure safety standards, quiet operation, economy and efficiency. electrical energy using VVVF inverter technology. fully functional according to current TCVN, making it easy, safe and convenient for passengers to use.

Passenger elevator specifications

  • Applicable standards: TCVN and CE (European standard)
  • Process of production, installation and operation: ISO 9001: 2008 standard
  • Load capacity from : 320kg to 2000kg
  • Great speed from :60m/p (1.0m/s) up to 120m/p (2.0m/s)
  • Number of service floors: up to 32 floors
  • High frequency of service operation
  • High stability and safety
  • Suitable for many projects
  • Many models are suitable for many different projects

Safety system in passenger elevator

  • Speed ​​limiter
  • Mechanical brake system
  • Alarm system and overload signal
  • Overcurrent, phase loss, reverse phase protection circuit
  • Emergency bell and intercom for external communication
  • Emergency light in case of power failure (lighting for 30 minutes)
  • Safety lock, interlock with cabin, with electric contact control lock.
  • Infrared safety rays: infrared rays are integrated on the safety bar, when there is an obstacle, the door that is in the process of closing will automatically open and continue to close when there are no obstacles.
  • Over-travel switch: Placed at the top and bottom of the travel to prevent the cabin from exceeding the set travel limit.
  • UPS Automatic Rescue Kit: When the main power supply is suddenly lost, this device will automatically bring the ladder to the nearest floor and open the door to let the guests out. The power reserve will automatically recharge when power is restored.
  • Automatically return to the main floor: The elevator will automatically return to the preset floor (Usually the lobby floor) when there is no call for the elevator.

Standard passenger elevator design

  • Cabin design: fine striped stainless steel combined with mirror stainless steel.
  • Cabin floor: Natural granite slabs.
  • False ceiling: Luxuriously designed.
  • Ventilation fan: Dedicated ventilation fan.
  • Lighting system: Neon lights are hidden in the corner of the elevator room.
  • Door type: Double-wing automatic door opens to both sides, smooth operation thanks to the synchronously imported door head.
  • Display: Display cabin position and direction of motion by dot matrix lights.
  • Control panel in the elevator room: Including floor call buttons, door opening and closing buttons, alarm buttons, elevator brand information, load capacity, speed.

In addition, if you want your elevator to be more special, more luxurious, please contact us immediately for further advice. We specialize in consulting and designing  passenger elevators  on request to meet all your needs.


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