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Elevators For The Disabled



Elevators For The Disabled
Elevators For The Disabled
Outstanding Features

'Elevator for the disabled' is a device for lifting people with mobility difficulties. At Elevator BKE offers a wide range of lifts made in Vietnam for easy installation. Elevators for the disabled produced by BKE are no less than  those imported  from abroad. Make it easy for users to use and navigate – all at the touch of a button.

Elevators for People with Disabilities manufactured by BKE

The BKE-designed wheelchair lift fits perfectly into any home style, and is spacious enough to accommodate a standard-size wheelchair in comfort, convenience and luxury. Also can carry more people or easily transport larger items in the house.

Compact and intelligently designed with unique lifting technology, unlike other wheelchair lifts, BKE-manufactured Elevators do not use noisy vacuum systems or hydraulics and are powered by powered by a quiet electric motor drive system that is neatly placed on the top of the ladder.

Some advantages of the lift for the disabled:

Reasonable price: The price is much cheaper than conventional elevators.

- Easy to operate and safe to use.

– There are both hydraulic lifts and conventional grid-powered elevators to choose from.

– Mobility: This elevator has a simple structure, so moving the ladder from one location to another is not complicated.

- Ease of repair and maintenance of elevators.

– The size of the elevator for the disabled is compact and does not take up space

- Easy to customize, flexible in design and manufacturing.


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