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Outstanding Features

Currently there are many elevator companies on the market, choosing a reputable company - Quality to install and market the freight  elevator  is extremely important. Because it affects safety.Elevators manufactured by Bach Khoa Elevator and Mechanical Joint Stock Company meet all the needs of customers with competitive price advantages, almost absolute safety. .

Specifications of cargo lifts, cargo lifts (cargo lifts)

– Load: 500Kg ~ 5000Kg

– Movement speed from 15m/p, 30m/p, 45m/p, 60m/p

– Cabin floor: Anti-slip ribbed Tole

– Cabin walls and ceiling: Striped stainless steel, powder coated steel sheets or steel mesh

– Lighting: Installed on the ceiling of the elevator room

– Door control electrical contact: The door that opens the ladder is not allowed to run

– Door safety lock: The door can only be opened when the elevator stops at the right floor to open

– Overload protection: When the ladder load exceeds the rated load, the ladder will stop serving

– Travel limiter: Make sure the ladder does not exceed travel

– For cargo elevators with passengers, the control system is equipped with a mechanical brake safety system (GOVERNOR), VVVF variable speed control stepless to help the elevator run smoothly, stop the floor accurately. ,absolute safety .

– Floor door: Folding iron door opens manually or automatically with a standard design of 2 ways to open the heart.

To increase the maximum door opening, we can choose the automatic door lift with 2 doors opening up, or 3 doors opening up.

Dimensions of cargo lifts, cargo lifts, and lifts

The normal cargo elevator dimensions are drawings that contain all the necessary information and data to avoid the occurrence of waste and shortage. private. You should have on hand a set of design drawings for the freight elevator before proceeding with the construction of the pit.

Types of freight elevators

* Origin includes 2 types:

  • Joint-venture elevator:  is a type of elevator that is manufactured and assembled in the country with components imported from big brands such as Fuji, Mitsubishi, ...
  • Imported elevator:  is a complete imported elevator of foreign brands.

* Classified according to the purpose of use, there are 3 types:

Cargo elevator:  used to lift and load goods with large loads moving between floors in workshops and factories to serve the flow of production in factories with impact resistance and quick movement.

Food elevator:  is a small load elevator specially designed to transport food and food in restaurants, bars, hotels, supermarkets. At the same time, it is also used for other purposes such as: to download money, download books, small medical items.

Car lifts:  are often used in parking lots, car showrooms, apartment buildings, so that transporting cars to places that people want becomes simple and easy.


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